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Digitization of Education: Great Change in Teaching-Learning Trends.

Information technology has reformed each sector it has grasped and it is currently in the promising phases of altering education sector. In the coming decades if information technology has its approach, education will be far changed, more immersive and hopefully more constructive to the people than it is today. Digitization in education industry has totally changed the learning and also the teaching process to a very great extent.

Technology has made imparting education stress-free for both students and educators. Schools are gradually implementing digital teaching solutions to involve with a generation of learners familiar with the likes of PlayStations and iPads and trying to make the classroom atmosphere more broad and participatory. Information and communication technology in education has facilitated student understanding, students are perhaps the most ready and exposed to external education but they are in the best situation to absorb what comes up in the classroom. Currently students live in a world that is constantly linked and alive outside the class room, so traditional methods won’t work now. The true revolution in education can only be achieved via digitization of education so that students can learn at their own speed both within and outside the classroom. Their learning upgrades while they carry on to advantage from fostering, mentorship and direction of their teachers.

Various teachers are ready to accept the wave of digitization but more effort still need to be exercised when it comes to teacher training. Outmoded teaching methods need to meet with 21st century teaching and learning trends. By getting digitalize, the material has the power to involve students in methods that aren’t possible with stationary pages. Educators who have expressed that difficulty in engaging students is one of the major tests of their jobs, have described the feeling of joy when they see, something click in a student’s eyes.

Applying communicating content through fluid illustrations and text addresses challenges that traditional manuals could never overcome. Apple, Amazon, HP, Microsoft and many, all are contributing at great extent in the digitization of education by their tablets, ipods, notebooks etc. Education is an immense and fast rising division, which is leading the growth of notebooks. There is improved notebook need for students and educational institutions. Digital programme platforms in schools, colleges and universities are some of the new trends. Educomp Solutions’ Take Smartclass is one of the first Indian companies in this space. Smartclass is basically a digital content library of mapped curriculum, multimedia and 3D content. It also facilitates lecturers to speedily judge how much of a certain lesson students have been able to adapt during the class.

Digitization is prompting higher education also as never before. Nothing is unavoidable and we have the supremacy to form the way we use technologies. The digital revolution is edging its way into the classroom. It is now possible to have a archive in every classroom or even in the pocket. As Google Chief Eric Schmidt has said, ‘the internet isn’t making inevitable change faster; it has become the engine of change’.

As online education has been adapted by many universities, it has made approachable and shorten the distance between a student and his/her dreams. Online education is a type of distance learning. There is no need to attend the college or university in person. Coursera is an educational technology company which works with universities to make some of their courses available online. E-learning or computer-based training includes all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching. It also includes educational technology.

As considering some of its demerits, classrooms nowadays have become movie halls with audiovisual content, with no communication between students and teachers. The relationship between the student and professor will possibly be blurred.

This grouping of traditional training instructions united with digitized learning is one of the ways we can make our future generations to become global contributors who can interconnect across culture, time and geographies.

By Megha Johari, Scholarship Position Team.

5 Best Techniques to Improve School Management

Schools administrators should implement smart administration to improve efficiency and enhance professionalism in school administration. High Schoology smart administration features such the add/update/delete students information feature that allows administrators to edit student’s information. Other administrator features also allow you to change the teacher’s information, manage logins by the system users, including teachers, parents, and students.

With the vast admin features an administrator can disseminate notification or news messages on all the user dashboards and can conduct chat conversations . Managing information such as school events and services such as transportation also becomes easier if a school adopts smart administration.

Promote a Stress-Free Student Environment.

Building a sophisticated society of literates globally largely depends on school management techniques. However, the implementation, formulation, and dissemination of school management techniques have become a global challenge because of lack of a universal education system. Therefore, school management boards, federal, and state governments must adopt new strategies to manage their resources and ultimately develop a productive school culture. Here are the 5 most effective techniques to improve school management system.

Adopt Smart School Administration.

School managements must develop a stress-free culture. An effectively organized school incorporates biweekly interactive activities that improve teaching and overall management. Administrators must strive to build a lively learning environment that enhances academic management of school policies. Activities such as mind games, motivational speeches, and entertainment seminars help build a lively school community.

Education Management Information System (EMIS) Calendar for scheduling events that further promotes inclusivity and proper planning for school activities that promote a stress-free learning environment, enhancing school management. Administrators should also engage with the parents through the EMIS admin feature to allow students to access their own dashboards and have information about personal academic progress like exam grades, attendance, class schedules, holidays etc. Adopt an Effective Classroom Management.

Classroom management refers to addressing the problem of overcrowding in learning rooms. School administrators should ensure that they collect accurate data that is efficient in spreading students and teachers proportionately. High Schoology allows school administrators to organize classrooms by assigning teachers (class coordinators) who take responsibility for specified classes. Such administrative strategy helps in limiting the students in class by allowing an administrator to add students and enhance classroom organization.

Manage Your Staff/Teachers

Your school staff teaches, evaluate, and discipline students. They contribute to the overall student achievement and discipline levels. For instance, underqualified teachers can contribute to creating an uncontrolled environment that can frustrate school management efforts. Therefore, it is essential to invest in developing a team of qualified teachers who can raise the standards of an institution. The school must adopt policies and strategies to check teacher’s qualifications and ascertain their licensing.

We recommend the use of High Schoology with teacher’s features to maintain data of all the teachers. The administrators can keep track of daily teachers’ attendance, manage subjects, monitor evaluation process or schedule regular staff meetings to improve performance and enhance school management. Use the High Schoology admin to monitor, teachers’ activities such communication with students and parents to improve staff management.

Schedule School calendar and Holidays

High Schoology Calendar enables school administrators to schedule school holidays in advance before starting a new school year. It has an inbuilt calendar denoting all students, parents, and teachers about these holidays/festivals. School stockholders can, therefore, plan for these holidays to avoid confusion and absenteeism from school.

High Schoology recommends all the schools to be updated with technology and try free school management live demo having High Schoology exclusive features that aids administrators in school management tactics to utilize resources in a better way.