Customer Support

Dedicated Customer Support .

Nowadays, customer service departments operate remotely online. That is why we see the use of multiple customer support tools such as live chat and the frequent use of help desk software for customer support that helps schools with instant solution to any technical hitch. This helps to build a connection between a happy client and the growing business, which results in higher conversion rates.

Due to numerous studies, at least 44% of customers are willing to proceed with a new application only when they have live assistance and an agent as the intermediator. The agents’ basic function is to provide a friendly service and interaction to potential and existing clientele. On the other hand, the list of duties stretches a bit because they are the first line of business representation, meaning that the way they engage the audience has a direct impact on how the customers will perceive the brand. As a result, their job description.

Our customer care representatives are ever ready to assist you and your school through an exciting High Schoology journey.